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twin screw extruders breadcrumbs production line

Time:2018/6/19 Posted:JINAN RENO MACHINERY CO.,LTD
twin screw extruders breadcrumbs production line
Not to mention recently, bread may be less than a hundred years old as an unconventional food for hunger that was passed from the West to China. The history of food production and production has been long and long, and food types have constantly changed in form and taste during the evolution process.
During the bread preservation cycle, the dried ones cannot be eaten, and can only be used as animal feed or further processed into another food. For people who eat meat all year round, whether it is to maintain the fleshy texture or to save bread waste, it is a new type of experiment to break the dried bread crumbs and then to fry them after standing on the surface of the meat. This is the origin of the original bread crumbs, which is similar to that of traditional Chinese people when they fry fish.
The social division of labor is constant, and the industrial process of breaking flour as bread crumb after professional flour fermentation has become popular and accepted by everyone. This is the history of the second part of bread crumbs.
Industrialization came along with a simpler way to make a variety of different flavors of bread crumbs used in meat foods and even puffed foods on the surface to enhance the taste, which became public demand, so the extruded crushed bread crumb raw materials in It became necessary to become a popular product within a certain period of time. Mainly depends on his taste and style diversity and the advantages of industrial automation. 
Specializing in the development of extruded extrusion process Jinan Linao machinery expansion bread machine machinery and equipment production line, different from the traditional fermentation of bread crumb production process, without raw material pre-curing process, the raw material for the raw meal, adjust the humidity directly after the extrusion curing Molding, and using a professional wet mill, also known as a crusher, makes bread crumbs of various sizes and shapes.
Jinan Linao Machinery's bread crushed machinery and equipment production line mainly consists of the following machines:
Noodle machine: Stir all kinds of powdered raw materials (raw material) and adjust the humidity.
Automatic feeding machine: Connect the mixer and twin-screw extruder to smoothly transport powdery raw materials. Rejecting the problem of slow feeding of sticking materials.
Twin-screw extruder: automatic control, easy operation, integrated frequency control, lower material speed in a short time, temperature control, feed material speed, rotary cutting speed technical parameters adjusted to equilibrium, to adapt to the production of product requirements and raw material requirements .
Universal cutting machine: The puffed particles have a fluffy intermediate structure and large bubbles. They need to use a pair of rollers to flatten the particles and squeeze out the bubbles in the middle to make them more compact. Then cut into different lengths of flake particles.
Conveyor: After cutting off, it is conveyed to a wet mill for grinding.
Wet mill: Using the jaws of the wet mill to grind the particles coming out of the flattening extruder.
Shaker: Sort out the small particles of powder.
Conveyor: The larger particles are conveyed to the drying box to drain the water.
Drying box: The electric dryer drains water, which is suitable for storage and extends the shelf life.

Cooling conveyor: The high-temperature pellets coming out of the drying box cool down and are ready for packaging.

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