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Jinan Linao company's sales system is divided into three parts,

 1. Installation + Training: After equipment delivery, according to the purchasing needs of customers, service personnel will arrive in designated locations according to head of the company's services to arrange for equipment installation, direct the operator to operate the equipment and technology and equipment maintenance training.

 2. Service + Tracking: service personnel needs of each customer is responsible for their post-equipment usage and do follow-up survey conducted detailed records and targeted problem solving, the greatest degree of assurance customers use the company's equipment in all issues can in the shortest time to be effectively addressed.

3. General Services +: buy our equipment is the customer, but also on friends and co-benefit business partner, customer returns the device is just a tool only, so our work, in addition to being a friend to help customers take advantage of equipment purchased benefit maximization, we also need help to do everything in its power to help our customers achieve their own interests established in sectors and areas outside of the existing equipment. "Do my best for you to profit," is our service department and the whole company's biggest aim.

 The company's aim is compressed to the spirit of sincere and meticulous service sector customers ultimately projected into the eye is a flat-shaped device. We hope our customers and their facilities as a link to the spirit of communication and meticulous service way to win and mutually beneficial for the mind and purpose, and ultimately achieve common long-term cooperation, and hope to go out of a machine able to Division I in exchange for a smiling faces and scenes of warmth, hope in the brutal competition in the 21st century sounded a "collaboration is king."